Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cloth Diapers - Make your own diaper liners and wipes

Cloth diaper liners and cloth wipes are the some of the easiest things you can make yourself. The only thing you need for this project is fabric and scissors but if you want to be creative you can add a needle and thread.

Cloth Diaper Liners (Soakers)

  1. Find less than a meter or yard of fabric and a pair of scissors.
  2. Cut the fabric into 31cm x10cm (4in x12in) rectangles.
    (After you cut the first rectangle you can try the liner in your diapers to see if they fit and trim them if necessary.) 

Cloth Diaper Wipes

  1. Cut scrap cloth into 6in to 8in squares based on personal preference. This is all you need to do but if you feel like being fancy you can continue.
  2. Cut twice as many squares as diaper wipes you will need
  3. Take two squares and place wrong sides together 
  4. I used a blanket stitch around the edges. But you can use a machine and zig zag if you like.
There are many different recipes on the internet for homemade baby wipe solution but all you need is a squirt bottle filled with water. To use; take a dry diaper wipe squirt it with water and wipe baby, when done throw in diaper pail and wash with diapers.

What type of fabric do I use?
Any absorbent fabric can be used for diaper liners. Fleece, flannel, hemp, and terry are all good choices. Fleece works well as a liner for prefolds and fitted diapers where it's the top layer. Hemp and terry cloth are excellent for stuffing pocket diapers. If you must buy I suggest buying fabric remnants since there is no point in paying full price. However this is an excellent chance to recycle or reuse what you have in the house. Old t-shirts, flannel/cotton sheets, terry towels, scrap fabric can be used for this purpose. With the baby wipes its even easier almost any fabric can be used. I used 2 worn receiving blankets for the diaper wipes. For the liners I used some fleece I bought for a dollar at a garage sale ages ago. If I find I need some more absorbent liners I intend to use an old towel.

How many should I make?
I really can't speak from experience here (I'm still pregnant), but every baby is different. What I do know is that babies poop the most during the first month or two - around 4-12 times a day. I made 16 baby wipes because that's how many I had after cutting up two receiving blankets and making double sided wipes. If I end up needing more I can always cut up another receiving blanket at a latter date.

I made 8 fleece liners - enough for overnight with a few extras just in case - if I find that I really like the liners and want to use them at every changing I can make more in twenty minutes. If I realize that I don't like fleece liners I can use the rest of the fabric for something else. But its important to note that I'm using prefolds so liners are not a necessity, if I was using a diaper system where I couldn't go without them I would make the amount of liners I needed.

How much did this cost?
Okay maybe you were not going to ask this and I just want to brag. These two projects cost me absolutely nothing. The fleece I had in my basement for 6 months waiting for me to decide what to do with it. The receiving blankets I got from someone who gave me a big bag of second hand baby things. Someone who was cleaning out their yarn stash gave me the yarn several years ago (I'm glad I finally found a use for it). And the squirt bottle (for wetting the wipes) I had in the house but haven't used since my cat learned not to scratch the couch.

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